• July 9th Butterfly Walk- Juniper Hairstreak

    On our walk on July 9th, we spotted a Juniper hairstreak. This is a broadly uncommon species, and it’s the first time we’ve seen one at Mason Farm!

  • May 20th Butterfly Walk

    We had another butterfly walk on Saturday, May 20th. Though we didn’t see as many species as we normally see, we did see an unknown hairstreak. Update: It’s most likely a Banded hairstreak! Thanks Jeff Pippen for the id.  

  • May 14th Butterfly Walk

    On Sunday, May 14th, Elizabeth and Kati led a butterfly walk at Mason Farm. In addition to loads of butterflies (including one very friendly American snout) participants saw a snapping turtle and a handful of snakes! Neat!    

  • Beta Butterfly Bash

    Last Tuesday, August 16, Laura and I hosted a workshop at the NC Botanical Garden to do some beta-testing of our training materials and monitoring protocol. We had 22 staff and volunteers at the Garden join us for a brief … Continued

  • Record Number of Butterflies at Mason Farm on 8/2

    Laura and I saw more butterflies than we’d ever seen at Mason Farm when we went out on Tuesday, August 2nd. Despite the cloudy sky and relatively cool weather (77 F), we saw 120 butterflies and 18 species! Here are … Continued